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Copy of Canna Career Partners Identity

Brand identity for a career services company in New York, NY

Canna Career Partners

identity design

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Advancing careers in cannabis

A career, like cannabis, has growth in its nature. Canna Career Partners facilitates this by helping people grow into a new field—the field of cannabis.

Such an area of practice is often frowned upon due to its unlawful history, and the related stigma that can be associated with some uninspiring individuals. But the cannabis industry (in the US) in on the brink of explosion, which means thousands of jobs that have nothing to do with “weed”, and everything to do with serious business.

For those reasons we designed this identity based on several, more professional principals—expansion, enrichment, and opportunity—still representative of the plant in question, but in a new light. Not a grow light.. more like the light at the end of the tunnel.

The added benefit to working on this project is the chance to help people find happiness in their work.


A responsive logo—having a range of layouts within the same identity—is well suited for today’s various applications. It provides flexibility, so you can use the best version of your identity depending on the platform you’re on or the message you want to send.


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Arguments for federally legalizing cannabis for medicinal and recreational use in the USA often start with the fact that it could generate an estimated $8.7 billion in tax revenue per year. That’s border wall money! And it could be used for serious problems like our education system, environmental issues and healthcare, like they’re doing in Colorado

However; on a recent trip to Canada, where cannabis has been recreationally legal since October of last year with some limitations, I learned that a lot of the dispensaries (legal establishments for procuring cannabis) are failing because their would-be customers still prefer to purchase it from ‘their guy’ on the street corner, illegally. Talk about customer loyalty!

More realistically, what we are seeing here is the economics of a commodity. The commodity market has one driver - price. If your guy on the corner can sell it for less than the dispensary, then he’ll stay in business (until he’s arrested). Simple as that.

But, that’s why God created brands. Brands are what drive value for commodities. The brand is why you’ll pay $5 at Starbucks for maybe $1’s worth of coffee. And this is not new. Check out Snoop Dogg’s own Leafs By Snoop.

So, regardless of how the economics play out, this is an exciting time for branding.