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The O'Sullivan Law Firm

The O’Sullivan Law Firm

Brand Strategy, Web Design

Brand audit, brand strategy, web system design for a personal injury law firm in Denver, CO

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For A Better Colorado

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When most people hear “personal injury lawyer” either they think “damn ambulance chasers” or they are reminded of a gimmicky billboard they saw along the highway, if not both. Because injury lawyers have no specific target market, the industry has always been a poster child for rudimentary marketing tactics based on reach and repetition—show a broad audience the same message, many times, and they’ll remember you when they need you. 

Fortunately, times have changed, and famed scammers can no longer fool a more enlightened consumer. Not in this digital age.

Immediately after an accident, people can research options, get recommendations from friends, and read customer reviews before they decide who to represent them in their injury case. 

While it doesn’t sound groundbreaking, it is in fact unusual for a personal injury lawyer to care about their clients’ well-being like Scott O’Sullivan does.

By recognizing that accident victims value strength of character and compassion in their legal representation, we transformed The O’Sullivan Law Firm’s perceived weakness of being a small firm into a great strength, as we positioned the brand to be a hometown hero. 


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Website Design

There were challenges in designing a new web system for The O’Sullivan Law Firm including how we apply our new, human oriented brand strategy to a digital experience.

Fortunately, Scott’s humble digs and inspired team made for a fitting photoshoot that helps visitors of the site feel the life of the firm. With a genuine tone and welcoming vibe, the site invites visitors to trust in Scott—trust being the ultimate objective—to implore accident victims to hire The O’Sullivan Law Firm.

I make it sound devious, but Scott and his firm are true to their brand. If you ever need help with anything in Colorado, not limited to personal injury, I recommend giving him a call.

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If you’ve lived in NY in the last 25 years, then you’ve undoubtedly seen the Cellino & Barnes, Injury Attorneys advertisements on TV, radio and all over town, with a catchy jingle which has now ‘gone viral’. Well, did you know that “Cellino and Barnes!… Injury Attorneys…” (as you play their phone number in your head) do not actually take cases? They’ve built their so-called law firm on marketing and referrals to other attorneys. So if they’re getting the standard 10% referral rate for their business that claims over $2 billion in settlements/verdicts, then they’ve figured out a way to make over $200 million in revenues without working a single case. The commercials are annoying, but that strategy is genius!