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What's Makes a Brand

What’s A Brand?

A brand encompasses a lot of pieces, so I put together this little graphic to help us break it down.

Branding Umbrella GCL4-05.jpg

The brand as a whole drives the emotional response your audience feels when they see or hear about your company. And (hopefully) it hits like an all encompassing wave stacked high with everything that your consumer has previously seen and felt at that moment.

What some folks fail to recognize is that your brand needs to be deeply rooted in the bones of your culture and operations as much as your logo or email campaign. Because every time your company interacts with another person, your brand is impressed upon them.

The brand identity is the visual representation of your company. Depending on the company it could include traditional items like a logo, letterhead suite, website and email tags; but these days it pays to go the extra mile, getting creative with branded collateral, but still representative of your company. Did you know you could brand coconuts for your end-of-year party?

But remember, only do what makes sense for your company. A branded coconut party for your subscription coffee business would probably not be a strategically sound tactic.

The logo is.. the logo. It’s the visage of your company. A good logo is unique enough to be memorable, simple enough to be absorbed quickly, and representative of your company in every way possible. My logo design process aims to marry your brand ethos with the desires of your consumers.